Thursday, July 14, 2011

Paper Flowers

Many of you say, yes flowers are great in NYC but I live in a place where flowers are too expensive or hard to find. Do not fear and please do not turn to fake flowers. There is a wonderful alternative, when it comes to flowers on a budget. Paper flowers are so easy to create. They are an amazing addition to any party you maybe celebrating. Plus if you do them on your own you can select the exact colors to fit your event.

We are having a small birthday party for my father. No reason not to glam the event up a bit. First I chose to go with a popping blue color along with some fun accents. There is nothing like color even for a simple pizza party for four. I also just added some fun extras, to give it a sense of occasion.

More photos to come tomorrow. Our banner is drying at the moment. Take a look at how much these simple paper flowers add.


  1. What a FUN, oh-so-whimsical party for your dad. Love it. And considering that all plants and flowers are dying on me because of this heat, paper flowers sound great! hope you guys are enjoying your vacation... you DESERVE it!

  2. Thanks! More photos to come it was. Really cute little pizza party.