Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anne's Wedding

Jake and I recently both worked a wedding. It was a bit crazy, I do not know if we could do that again, but we loved doing this wedding in particular. They are an amazing couple and Jake was completely moved by their love throughout the entire process. When asked why they were marring they just said we love eachother and could not be without one another. It was just so wonderful to witness and be apart of. Here are so photos from the event. I loved this event the rehearsal took place in the Harvard Club, loved that space, incredible. THe reception took place in the National Arts Club, loved it. Everything was so New York and ecclectic. We had an amazing time.


  1. I don't even WANT to get married but I will if I can get these beautiful flowers! LOVE ... that hydrangea color is gorg!

  2. Really good looking!!! To bad your doorman would not let us leave your flowers!!!!I still have them, they are gorgeous roses!!!