Floral Portfolio

Like I said flowers bring life to ANY event, from guests in your home to your big wedding day. I have a variety of services I am able to bring to your home. Every Monday morning I set a gentlemen's home with a distinguished variety of in season flowers each week. This service is simply to bring life each week into the home. I love arranging in the home, tailoring floral design to your unique home setting, from the very modern to simply chic. 

I am available to arrange weekly, spontaneously, and everything in between.  Just send me a an email melunasmith@gmail.com


NYC is a fabulous place to have any event.  Spaces are always so interesting and vary dramatically from place to place. Some of my favorite spots are The Mandarin Hotel,  The W Union SQ, The SoHo Hotel, St. George's Chapel, The Cosmopolitan, Gotham, and most recently Tom Collichio's Riverside Park. 

riverside park



SoHo Hotel
SoHo Hotel

SoHo Hotel

Wedding in the Cosmopolitan

W wedding

SoHo Wedding

Roses and Rananculas,

Bridal Bouquet

 Corsages and Boutonnieres


mini bouquets for the mothers


Center Pieces

St. Georges